Friday, July 14, 2017

April 2017 Updates

Further updates and paintings in April. At some point I also went home and took pictures of our old photo albums for context.
The original staircase banister Grandpa crafted out of a material I could find NOWHERE. :(

Staircase banister and pole painted to match the one in my parents' house.
(Shout out to local ads on my painting newspaper, lol.)

I found bracelet-making tin/wire at Michael's. I attempted to measure, straighten, and cut them as uniformly as possible, then glue them together (Aleene's.) THEN I painted. Not my best idea. Touch-ups have been constant; plus the 2 at the top of the giant windows in the living room stuck out way too much and kept breaking. Hmph.

Check out my awesome flashlight (to see crevices) and you can also see the bluetooth device with which I play podcasts while working (Stuff You Missed in History Class, You Must Remember This, WEDWay Radio).
I ordered carpet samples from FLOR (since my parents (STILL) have shag carpet) and forgot about the whole "scale" thing. Crap. 
Here's the Dremel (originally purchased to use on the roof) with the fireplace and top cut off.
I thought I could make the carpet work but once I put in the fireplace (UMF18) on it, its dimensions were suddenly off. I ordered bricking on sticker paper for the front of the house and fireplace and concentrated on that for the time (ebay - starboc1).
On the other hand, the paper for the bathrooms and kitchen went in nicely (DollhousesandMore). Note: since none of the flooring had anything besides the original wood, I painted a light coat of the wall color in each room so the wood wouldn't suck up the adhesive once applied. 

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