Friday, July 14, 2017

February and March 2017 updates

Observing the crap angles and trying to clean, I came to the inevitable conclusion that I would need to take the roof off to adequately and completely update the doll house.
Here is the house once I figured out I needed to pull the chimney top and front off to pry off the roof. It was kind of exciting and strange to think that the last time the inside of that chimney had been seen was when Grandpa built it some 25 years ago. 
Staircase in the living room and the wall next to it have been removed. You can see on the left where I tried to use a Dremel to get the nail out and was unsuccessful (scraping tool and screwdriver were used to leverage it off). 
Other things to note: the back bedroom on the left ("my brother's") lost part of its ceiling in the process which had to be rebuilt with wood spackle. The divider between that room and the one next to it ("his" and "mine") was glued down during the painting process as well.
A mix of water and vinegar with an old rag was used to clean and more filler was added to fix the gouges. Extreme sanding before and afterward (likely not enough, oops.) (Spackle, tools, and sand paper/items purchased at Lowe's.)
While cleaning and sanding, windows came off. This added another item to fix.

I repainted the chimney and the outside.

After researching the colors with old photos I had, I bought paint and brushes at Michael's.

This is before I painted the living room (hence the visible spacklings).

Total items accomplished in January, February, and March:
- Assessed the extensive damage from the passing of time
- Filled in holes with wood spackle
- Removed the roof
- Deep clean
- Multiple sandings and spacklings
- Painted inside and outside

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