Friday, July 14, 2017

May and June 2017 Updates

I wanted to take pictures of the front door just to remember how Grandpa originally made them. Here you can see the imprint of the duct tape he used to attach it to the house. (Yes, that good ol' Swedish know-how: duct tape! Right up there with the copious amounts of the Liquid Nail used on the roof. As I told my dad, I didn't mean to, but I kept asking Grandpa, the hell were you thinking???)

The front of the door. Same kind of tin material used on the banister and the windows. 

Michael's again for felt (they must be tired of me by now.) Much flatter, though my husband was shocked by the brightness of the yellow. In real life it's shag yellow, which is also shocking. :)
You probably also can spot that the top window panes in the living room are now wood. This has proven to be MUCH sturdier for that area (and a hell of a lot easier to cut to size.)

I went to Hobby Lobby for door hinges (which are probably too large the more I look at them), and bought fabric quarters for curtains and bedspreads. I began cutting strips for curtains and wood pieces for the rods.

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