Friday, July 14, 2017


These pictures were taken today and sent to my brother (he had heard I was updating my dollhouse and hadn't known how much I was planning to do). 
Banister has been re-affixed, curtains have been assembled, rods painted, and curtains have been glued! 
Today I was sanding and painting two wood items I received from The piano and its bench have a dark wood stain I got from Meijer, and the color matches the old piano my mom still has from an older relative. I also painted the double bed pieces white, figuring that I could screw up "my" bed without worry. Looking forward to assembling my first piece of furniture soon, creating a mattress, and covering it with bedding. 

April - Today Progress:
- Further painting
- Window location, assembly, attachment, painting
- Carpet installed then uninstalled, "linoleum" installed
- Different carpet installed
- Curtains created, assembled, attached

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